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Here at BLAM UK we are dedicated to ensuring the all-round wellbeing of young Black members of our community in Brixton and other boroughs of London. Below are our dedicated team to ensure that BLAM UK can provide the best possible help for people.

Ife Thompson – Founder

Ife has over four years of experience working with her community, she is committed to ensuring the Black diaspora in the UK and beyond thrive. Due to her commitment to working within her community; she has regularly seen how the effects of institutionalised racism have devastated her community and she is currently undertaking pupillage to become a barrister to help challenge and redress these injustices.

Ife is also trained as a mental health first aider, a youth worker, and is a former Saturday School teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge on useful early prevention mechanisms and knows how to respond to somebody during a mental health crisis. She previously was an education and criminal law paralegal and a family law advocate. She has a wealth of experience in applying the law to facts and being a competent advocate.

Reach Ife at ife@blamuk.org.

Education Projects Team

Tofunmi Odugbemi – Lead Project Worker & Project Manager

Tofunmi specialises in African Studies and received her MSc in African Studies with Heritage from UCL in 2018. She is currently undertaking her vocational studies to be called to the Bar of England & Wales with a hope to practice as a barrister in the near future. 

She is passionate about Black and African history and empowering young Black children with the knowledge and resources to tackle and dismantle the racism and injustice that affects them. Within BLAM UK Tofunmi supports and manages a variety of our projects particularly supporting the work of the Curriculum Research Project, our School Exclusion Project, and the Zuri Wellness Therapy programme.

Reach Tofunmi at tofunmi@blamuk.org.

In addition to Tofunmi we also have a number of other members of the Grounded Project Team:

Christivie Manga – Youth Project Worker

Rianna Williams – Youth Project Worker

Sophia Harberd – Youth Project Worker

Pamilerin Thompson – Youth Project Worker

Corinna Ritch – Dance & Drama Specialist

We are currently seeking more Youth Project Workers, if you would like to learn more or apply to the role please email us at hello@blamcharity.co.uk.

Delali Kalitsi – Curriculum Developer

Delali is a primary school teacher and education justice activist who has been working with children and young people for over ten years. She believes that culturally competent curriculum accessibility serves as a human right. She is passionate about using child-initiated pedagogy to explore marginalised narratives and realities in the African diaspora.

School Exclusions & Advocacy Team

Oyin Makinde – Lead Youth Advocate

Oyin’s commitment to youth began in her teen years as she recognised deficits within her community. Subsequently, she began rebuilding her environment through volunteering and offering tuition. Since then, she has continued to champion the importance of education by working in roles that empower and equip children, both in their academia and life skills.

Oyin has a heart for justice and was called to the Bar in the summer of 2021. Within this role, she combines her legal skill set and love for education to seek transformative justice centred results for pupils affected by the failings of the UK education system.

Reach Oyin at oyin@evedoran

Other members of the team also include:

Bryanna Bondzie – Education Law Clinic Volunteer

Serena Bandoo – Education Law Clinic Volunteer

Wellness & Mental Health Team

Tavie-Tiffany Agama – Racial Wellness Coordinator

Tavie is a psychology graduate who is very passionate about addressing racial trauma within Black, Brown, and racialised communities. She has a good understanding of the ways that marginalisation within society can affect people’s mental and physical well-being, and is the lead coordinator for BLAM UK’s Racial Wellness workshop programme called Zuri Therapy.

Reach Tavie at tavie@blamuk.org

Fundraising Team

Tsungai Chikwanha – Fundraising, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Tsungai is responsible for acquiring new funding opportunities for BLAM UK, communicating with potential and existing donors to enable our work to remain sustainable and grow in the coming future. Tsungai brings financial experience from the private sector and within this role ties in essential quantitative and qualitative monitoring and evaluation methods.

Tsungai has a BSc in Business and Economics, graduating in 2010 and has since acquired professional knowledge and experience as a Project Manager working within various industries including IT, Engineering and Construction.

Outside of her professional setting, Tsungai is involved in local government initiatives and does voluntary work with asylum seekers. Tsungai believes that lack of diversity is the cause of misconceptions at all levels of society and structural discrimination is present from education right through to employment. Tsungai is an advocate for this change and believes it can only change with the fair Black, Brown, and Racialised representation in leadership.

Reach Tsungai at fundraiser@blamuk.org

Curriculum Research Team

Eve Doran – Co-Lead Community Researcher

Jamila Thompson – Project Worker

Niya Namfua – Project Support Worker

Learn more about the team here.

Advisory Committee & Director

Patrica Lamour MBE – Advisor

Patricia is an International Education Consultant and Managing Director of Aspire Education Group and a Trustee at Race on the Agenda. She is passionate about the transformation and success of all young people in education and considers gender equality to be crucial for global development.

She is the founder of a women’s movement and supplementary school in Germany, a former Headteacher of an international school, and the general manager of an international business college in West Africa.

Patricia is a school governor and an alumni member of the Institute of Education. She is an external Equalities Advisor for The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, the regulatory body for qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. She has also been a Gender consultant for UNICEF. She has had a 30-year career championing racial justice. She supports BLAM UK by advising on how we can shape the curriculum and provides valued insight on how we can execute all our educational projects.

Susan Ibuanokpe – Advisor

Susan is the daughter of the late photographer and promoter Raphael A. Albert, the creator and founder of Black British beauty pageants in the 1970s-1990s, such as Miss Black and Beautiful, Miss West Indies in Great Britain, and many more. Susan is passionate about seeing her fathers’ work inspire and reach people of the Black diaspora and has a personal mission to see it inspire, uplift and motivate the youth of today’s Black British community. Susan is passionate about seeing Black history enter the British National Curriculum, and offers Black History Month readings and workshops to local primary schools.

Chioma Wuche – Director

Chioma is a sociology graduate with a vast understanding of the intersect of race, class and identity politics.

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