BLAM UK is a former community Charity setup in 2017, we are now operating as a Not- For- Profit.

Our Aims

1. To Champion Black British cultural capital and creativity  

2. Improve the mental health and wellbeing of peoples of African Descent  

3. To provide a comprehensive and decolonised education  

4. To support social inclusion of the Black British community; through providing advocacy support and support groups 

We host workshops and sessions aimed at ensuring education is more diverse and that Black children can see and learn about their unique and important history.

We believe that every child should feel recognised, important and valued and by putting on this project we are ensuring this.

Our Mission

Blam UK is committed to improving the wellbeing of peoples of African descent, which has been affected globally due to racism and racial trauma. We do this by dismantling the historical misrepresentation of black people, through our community outreach projects. These outreach projects provide critical engagement for the African and Afro-Caribbean diaspora. We believe that it is vital to provide meaningful insight into this vast arena of African and Afro-Caribbean culture and history. 

Our Vision

To have a society in which Black peoples achievements and contributions are championed, embraced and centred. To have a society in which Black people can live free from discrimination and injustice.

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