Ife Thompson

Founder/ Youth Project & Volunteer Manager

She has over 4 years of experience working with her community, she is committed to ensuring the Black diaspora in the UK and beyond thrive. She is also an Outreach Worker for the Rooted Project and the Grounded project.  Due to her commitment to working within her community; she has regularly seen how the effects of institutionalised racism has devastated her community and she is currently training to be a Barrister to help challenge and redress these injustices.

Ife is also trained as a Mental Health first aider, a Youth Worker and is a former Saturday school teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge on useful early prevention mechanisms and knows how to respond to somebody during a mental health crisis. She previously was an Education/Criminal law Paralegal and a Family Law Advocate. She has a wealth of experience in applying the law to facts and being a competent advocate.

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Kitan Ososami

Youth Advocate

Kitan is our Youth Advocate. She works on supporting young people to thrive in all aspects of their lives. As our Youth advocate she represents parents and young people at school and college exclusion hearings. She also delivers one-to- one support to young people on themes including: Racial Esteem, Culture and identity. She is also managing our new police stop and search complaints service. Please contact her if you have any queries related to either service.

Kitan comes to BLAM UK with a wealth of legal experience, with a Law degree from the University of Birmingham, a Criminal Justice masters degree from Queen Mary and the Bar Professional Training Course from the University of Law. She will start training to become a criminal barrister in 2022.


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Tiffany-Rochelle Louis-Byfield

Youth Project Worker

Tiffany-Rochelle has extensive experience working with young people and believes strongly in the reintegration of excluded young people back into society. She holds an undergraduate degree in History and wants Black history to not be optional or absent in today’s curriculum. Tiffany-Rochelle was Called to the Bar in 2018 and acts a role model in her community, inspiring young people to a achieve what may seem out of reach.

She is currently supporting BLAM UK as a Youth Project Worker delivering our Black History and Culture Syllabus- The Grounded Project to Primary schools and Secondary schools across London. She also delivers our Black history and Anti-Racism Teacher-Training sessions.

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Rita Rasheed

Project Manager

Rita Rasheed is a LPC graduate with many years in working with young people in community settings and using the law to fashion justice for racialised communities in the UK.

She currently supports our BLAM UK Youth Project Workers in delivering our Black History and Culture Syllabus- The Grounded Project to Primary schools and Secondary schools across London. She also delivers and supports our one-one work School Exclusion advocacy work for young people referred to us from Youth Offending Teams across London.

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Chioma Wuche

BLAM UK Director

Chioma is a sociology graduate with a vast understanding of the intersect of race, class and identity politics. She is leading on our Hub Events management. She ensures that we constantly are finding new talent that can be used for our HUB sessions. She also promotes and works on growing BLAM’s Partnerships. She is also an Outreach Worker for the Rooted Project.

Temi Oyenuga

Youth Project Worker ( Lambeth

Temi is our Youth Project Worker, she is committed to supporting the Black community holistically and has a background in law.  She has a  charismatic drive and is enjoys su[porting young people and is excited to supporting on our in school Black history projects. She is supports on the Grounded and Rooted Project creating Black history content and delivering our racial identity sessions. 

Jodi- Ann Johnson

Youth Project Worker ( Lambeth)

Jodi-Ann has worked in education for the past six years in various roles including Project Coordinator for a BAME charity, various Learning Support roles and is now training as a Secondary School English Teacher. She has a degree in English and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Power and Social Change.

She is dedicated to educating and serving the interests of young people from her community. Aside from work, she is a writer and her interests lie in music, literature and history. She runs a budding book club and is an active member of the Jamaican diaspora, serving as a part of the Jamaican Diaspora UK Youth Council. She is now working on the Grounded and Rooted Project , she leads in creating the content for the workshops and delivering it to our young people. She is the lead person in ensuring the Grounded Project is being developed and implemented in the Lambeth borough.

Tavie- Tiffany Agama

Racial Wellness Coordinator

Tavie is a Psychology graduate who is very passionate about addressing racial trauma within Black, brown and racialised communities. She has a good understanding of the ways that marginalisation within society can affect people’s mental and physical well-being, and is the Coordinator for Blam’s Racial Wellness workshop programme called Zuri Therapy.


Rasheed Rollins

Core Team

Rasheed Rollins has completed the LPC and is committed to social justice projects. He helps to ensure that BLAM’s core projects have the right contingency plans. He also looks for funding to support our core projects.

BLAM’s Advisory Committee

Patrica Lamour MBE

Patricia is an International Education Consultant and Managing Director of Aspire Education Group and a Trustee at Race on the Agenda. She is passionate about the transformation and success of all young people in education and considers gender equality to be crucial for global development.

She is the founder of a women’s movement and supplementary school in Germany, former Head teacher of an international school and General Manager of an international business college in West Africa.

Patricia is a school governor, alumni member of the Institute of Education. She is an external Equalities advisor for Ofqual, the regulatory body for qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland. She has also been a Gender consultant for UNICEF. She has had a 30 year career of championing racial justice. She supports BLAM by giving us advice on how we should shape our curriculum and provides valued insight on how can execute all our educational projects.

Susan Ibuanokpe

Susan Ibuanokpe is the daughter of the late photographer and promoter Raphael A. Albert, creator and founder of Black British beauty pageants in the 1970’s-1990’s, such as Miss Black and Beautiful, Miss West Indies in Great Britain, and many more.   Susan is passionate about seeing her fathers’ work inspire and reach people of the Black diaspora, and has a personal mission to see it inspire, uplift and motivate the youth of today’s black british community.   Susan is passionate about seeing Black History enter the British school curriculum, and offers black history month readings and workshops to local primary schools. 

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