A Radical Community Guide to Police Child Strip Search law in UK

Introduction Strip search is a inherently violent police power that has rightfully received recent criticism in the media and from our communities due to distressing accounts of children being strip searched in an unlawful, racially discriminatory and oppressive manner, like the case of Child Q.  The law empowers the police to strip search people in…

Black Publishing Britain

By Michelle Black British authors are severely underrepresented within UK publishing. This lack of representation is felt amongst publishing in general, but also within the reception of prestigious British literary prizes, such as the Booker prize, the Walter Scott prize, and more.  An analysis by The Guardian of the racial diversity of nominees for the…

The Youth Racial Wellbeing Initiative

By Dominique School teaches us many subjects, but did anyone ever teach you how to deal with racism? It’s a strange concept; how do you teach a child about racism? Most adults don’t know how much about racism, let alone know how to teach a very serious, mature topic to a Year 4 child! But…


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