The Grounded Project

“For these are all our children, we will all profit by or pay for what they become.”

— James Baldwin

The Grounded Project, is our Key Stage 2 & 3 school based project in which we teach Black History on a termly basis at our partner schools.

We work with Primary and Secondary Schools across London to ensure the school curriculum is more diverse and reflective of African and African-Caribbean culture, history and heritage.

All the workshops have been developed by our consultant teachers and Historians. The lesson themes have been co-created by the young people over a 2-year period.

The curriculum BLAM uses for the workshops have been further developed with the help of the Institute of Race Relations, they gave us access to a lot of archived materials that were essential to the Black British Liberation movements in the 70s and 80s. Our Grounded project workers spent many hours going through this material to ensure that the young people get an authentic understanding of Black-British grass roots activism and history.


Some of the young people we have worked with have said this about the Grounded project:

Year 9 Student- The BLAM staff that came to my school always made sure information was explained carefully, we were always allowed to ask questions and have needed discussions “

Year 10 Student- “The Blam lessons were fun and engaging. I really enjoyed learning about Black feminism.”

Year 4 Student – “You have expanded my knowledge and happiness during these BLAM sessions. You have also stolen my attention.”

Our Partner Schools

If you would like your school to get involved, please contact us

We are also open to hosting year assemblies and one off sessions.

This project has been funded by Jordan
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