Zuri Therapy ( Racial-Wellness)

“Zuri” is Swahili for Beautiful, there is beauty in community healing

Zuri Therapy is our Racial Wellness Therapy Workshops. It is a range of free, virtual group sessions for Black British people.

Following the murder of George Floyd and the additional challenges caused by the pandemic, the mental health of the Black community has been negatively affected with an increased number of people experiencing anxiety and depression. We work with certified Black therapists to help individuals begin their healing process for racial trauma. We have a specific focus on the lives of Black people in the UK.

The group workshops have been co-developed by BLAM UK and our team of vetted Black therapists to provide a safe place that allows for growth, understanding and learning.
The group sessions take place over 4 weeks and will cover:

  • The effects of Black trauma
  • Understanding and dealing with racial microaggressions
  • The duality of being both Black and British
  • How to use creativity as a therapeutic means of liberating one’s self from the effects of racial trauma via poetry therapy
  • And how to use yoga as a therapeutic tool to soothe and heal from emotional injuries caused by racial stress and trauma

Participants will work on building resilience and discuss coping mechanisms.
We believe that in order for therapy to be effective, it must address the needs of the cultural and racial group that it is serving.

“Psychology has traditionally been Eurocentric”. We want to make therapy more accessible and relevant to the Black community by providing a service that is specific to the Black British experience.

This is best achieved by using Black therapists as they will have a similar cultural background to their clients and will, therefore, have the shared experience of living as a Black person in the UK.

In order to sign up you must be a Black person living the UK and over the age of 18.

Meet Our Therapists

Charmaine Pollard – Poetry Therapist, Beverley Weston – Intercultural Therapist, Wanderley Santos – Therapist, and Zakiya Bishton – specialist in yoga therapy for anxiety, PTSD and insomnia.

January Sign Up

4 Saturday sessions starting on 8th Jan and ending on 29th Jan.

Time 11am- 12.30pm

Location- Zoom

February Sign Up

4 Saturday sessions starting on 4th February and ending on 25th February.

Time 11am- 12.30pm

Location- Zoom

March Sign Up

4 Saturday sessions starting on 4th December and ending on 25th March

Time 11am – 12.30pm

Location- Zoom

This Project is Funded by Harrys

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