Youth Racial Wellness

Whilst Zuri Therapy specifically focuses on the Racial Wellness of Black adults, we have acknowledged the need to offer a similar service to the young people we work with.

Thanks to funding from the Association of Mental Health Providers, we have been able to offer Racial Wellness Sessions with a trained therapist to schools across London.

We also provided Racial Wellness booklets for KS2-4 to schools throughout the country. These booklets include;

  • Exploring the origins and validity of Black British English (BBE)
  • How journaling helps us process our emotions
  • Self affirmations of love and Black Joy
  • How to differentiate between ‘Fact’ and ‘Thought’ to monitor self-internalisation of messages
  • Resources and media by Black artists and authors to increase exposure to Black creators

If you want to find out more about the sessions or booklets, please contact us at

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