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Racialised Cultural capital

What is cultural capital? Cultural capital is a sociological term coined by Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron in 1977. They used it to explain the difference in performance and academic achievement in children based on their experiences. It is the social and cultural advantage that some have, and the access to opportunities that that advantage…

A short guide to school exclusions

By Aqsa In England, updated statutory guidance on exclusions from schools took effect in September 2022. This guidance complements the “Behavior in schools” guidance, which offers details and recommendations for managing student behaviour. The exclusion guidance provides information and support to a wide range of school and  educational professionals, including: headteachers, governing boards, local authorities…

The Importance of Racial Wellness in Schools

By Michelle Racial trauma can be described as the mental and emotional impacts that a person experiences as a result of exposure to racism. This exposure may be direct, for example by being on the receiving end of racist insults or frequent microaggressions, or more ‘indirect’ such as hearing distressing news about a racist incident…

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