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Why History Should be Important to All Black People

By Michelle   There are several reasons why we, as people of African descent, must engage with, be aware of, and perhaps even internalise our history. Our narratives, the histories of those before who looked like us, and the histories of our respective ethnic groups (if applicable) are all key components of the building blocks of…

Chris Kaba’s family meets with UN

On Tuesday 17 January, our Director Ife Thompson and a member of the Justice for Chris Kaba Campaign supported the family of Chris Kaba while they met with the UN. During this meeting the family discussed their campaign for justice for the police killing of their son. It had previously been mentioned by Ife that…

The Congo Rainforest

Measuring at 500 million acres, the Congo Basin is larger than France and is the world’s second largest tropical rainforest- it is often known as the world’s second lung. The Congo Basin surrounds the equator, which alongside the massive water supply, makes opportune conditions for the rainforest to grow abundantly. It is made up of…

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