Free Black History Resources

In light of the COVID-19 Crisis BLAM is now delivering The Grounded Project Virtually

BLAM is providing Free African and Afro- Caribbean History worksheets on a weekly basis to Parents in the UK.

We have also launched a weekly Black History podcast, listen below.

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for access to the weekly programme. We have worksheets for children aged 6-16 years old.

Black cowboys have been a major part of Black global history and yet have been sidelined in history. Recently, there has been a resurgence and realisiation that African-Americans were some of the first, highly skilled, trailblazing, and most famous cowboys who were and are instrumental in developing cowboy culture in the United States. Even more, Black cowboys are not historical relics of the past and still are a major part of contemporary African-American communities who continue to redefine and innovate cowboy culture. In this episode we discuss the five most notable Black cowboys and cowgirls in history. These individuals were Nat Love, Bill Pickett, Bose Ikard, Bass Reeves, and Johanna July. To learn more and support the Compton Cowboys: & a short documentary about the group
  1. Black Cowboys
  2. Afrofuturism II
  3. Afrofuturism I
  4. The Haitian Revolution
  5. The Luo community and art in East Africa

The Grounded Project is funded by the National Lottery- Community fund.


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