Free Black History Resources

In light of the COVID-19 Crisis BLAM is now delivering The Grounded Project Virtually

BLAM is providing Free African and Afro- Caribbean History worksheets on a weekly basis to Parents in the UK.

We have also launched a weekly Black History podcast, listen below.

Please email

for access to the weekly programme. We have worksheets for children aged 6-16 years old.

Yoruba Gender Roles BLAM UK ( Black History Bites)

Today we discuss Yoruba Gender roles… 
  1. Yoruba Gender Roles
  2. The Ancient Kingdom of Dahomey
  3. Africans in Edinburgh in the 1500s
  4. Notting Hill Carnival
  5. The British Black Panther Party

The Grounded Project is funded by the National Lottery- Community fund.


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