Rooted Project

The Rooted Project provides free history lessons in summer for children aged 7-10.

We seek to dispel the myths about the African continent that is often portrayed in the west. We do this by teaching the children about Medieval Africa, Caribbean history and the Windrush Generation. We are aware that the current school curriculum does not teach this and we feel it is important that all children feel recognised and this can only be done by teaching them about history that reflects their heritage.

We had our first 6 week session July 2018 and we had up 15 children per session. We came up with interactive ways to impart information on the young children and the parents thoroughly enjoyed the project.

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BLAM Feedback

One parent commented that this was the highlight of her child’s summer. We did the second project in the summer of 2019, a parent reported that our project has given his son a new love of learning and of doing his homework. A Child that attended the project stated that the volunteers are fun and kind.

” 100% of parents stated they would recommend this project to a friend “

“95 % of children that attended our 2019 project rated it as excellent “

Our work forms as part of the United Nation key themes for the International Decade for peoples of African Decent. 


If you wish to book your child on our 2020 summer project, please enter your details below.

rooted project

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