Chris Kaba’s family meets with UN

On Tuesday 17 January, our Director Ife Thompson and a member of the Justice for Chris Kaba Campaign supported the family of Chris Kaba while they met with the UN. During this meeting the family discussed their campaign for justice for the police killing of their son. It had previously been mentioned by Ife that the killing was a violation of various Human Rights laws and so this meeting was of great importance. She notes that this meeting was an important step in the campaign in that it highlighted these violations to the international community, in hopes of gaining support in calling out the British state and its institutional racism and globalising our fight for justice. We have seen many cases of Black people being subject to inhumane and degrading treatment and/or dying in police custody and there being no accountability or justice for those incidents. We acknowledge the work the UN is doing to recognise and rectify this issue on a global scale; Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner for Human Rights, said impunity for crimes that may have been committed by agents of the State was profoundly damaging to the core values and social cohesion of every nation. 1

BLAM UK stand firm in our belief in the necessity of the abolition of the police force. We will continue to fight for justice for Chris Kaba and his family, and will not stop until police murders like this cease. 

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