Not Everyday Shaku Shaku, Sometimes Adumu Adumu: Dance Cultures of Eastern Africa

Dance is a big part of life across the African continent. It serves many purposes; entertainment, enjoyment, religious rituals, celebrations, some are even used before warriors enter into battle. Whatever the dance is used for, the all share one characteristic – they are all very well structured and require a certain amount of talent toContinue reading “Not Everyday Shaku Shaku, Sometimes Adumu Adumu: Dance Cultures of Eastern Africa”

Mami Wata, La Sirene, Mama Dlo

Mermaids in African & Caribbean Mythology By Michelle The myth of the mermaid is a universal cultural staple. They feature in fairytales, fantasies, adventures, and the like. The concept of mysterious beings who live in the sea and other bodies of water has captivated the minds of those who live on land for milenia. TheContinue reading “Mami Wata, La Sirene, Mama Dlo”

Black Music as a form of Protest

By Michelle Aboagye What makes protest so impactful and so effective is its versatility. Protest comes in many shapes, forms and mediums, and as seen through history it can be inspired from even the smallest events. Protest is a human response to unpleasant and unfavourable conditions. Protest can be something as unifying as taking toContinue reading Black Music as a form of Protest

The History of Brixton

By: Michelle Aboagye ‘Little Jamaica’, the ‘one-time Oxford Street’, and other nicknames sometimes refer to this multicultural, multi-ethnic melting pot – Brixton. Brixton is a district in the South London borough of Lambeth known for multiple traits, such as its high population of Black communities and the creativity of its residents. Before being built upContinue reading The History of Brixton

The History of Saturday Schools

By Michelle Aboagye Black Saturday schools have been in existence for as long as there has been a significant Black presence in the UK. Saturday schools, also referred to as supplementary schools, have had a long history in the UK. They were first associated with Irish migrants in the late 19th century, but since theContinue reading “The History of Saturday Schools”

A Brief History of African Dance

Definitions:Aesthetics: principles relating to what is beautiful, pleasing, and appreciated.Polycentric: the idea that movement can initiate from any part of the body Dance in African and African Diasporan cultures crosses many boundaries. It is part of celebrations, religion, war, and theatre. It comes in many forms, from masquerade to ritual spirit dance to theatre. SomeContinue reading “A Brief History of African Dance”

Notes in time: Retracing the influence of Black British musicians in the 15th-19th centuries.

By Sophia Harberd For centuries Black people have been shaping the popular music scene in Britain. By the 15th century, Black music traditions were being carried en masse with the African diaspora over the 400-year period when swathes of Africans were stolen and brought across the Atlantic into the ‘New World’. This population of theContinue reading Notes in time: Retracing the influence of Black British musicians in the 15th-19th centuries.