Why The Black Lives Matter Movement Matters to Me ( BLAM UK Essay Competition) By Tapiwa Chingati-Phiri Aged-16

I am the future. A way maker and a change maker. So, I owe it to my ancestors, my younger self and my legacy that I kneel with the movement, that I stand with the movement and that I march with the movement to fight for our rights.


To me, the Black Lives Matter Movement is not black vs white or just some angry group of black people shouting with a “political” agenda. It is all of us in our many beautiful colours against the injustice that is racism for the greater good of all people and I can’t think of anything better than having love and acceptance as the focal point of society. Furthermore, I will forever stand with my brothers and sisters of the movement because how can I comfortably go to sleep whilst another is unlawfully murdered on the streets.
But it starts smaller than because even as a child I felt different. Like a second-class citizen. I was treated like I didn’t belong. Even though the UK was the only place I called home. So, I don’t want any child to feel the pain I did. To go through all the bullying and the life I lived. Therefore, I want true freedom of speech as I no longer want to run or hide because so many times, I have had to cover up my true feelings, I felt I had to stay silent about what going on inside. But now I want equity and equality because that is what we as a country should strive for as it is our human right. So, I can just be me and be able to love my skin and be proud of it and feel that it is a treasure, not a hindrance.
So, like those that came before me, I must speak out, petition, march and help educate because I have seen the truth and I have grown because of it. But I will not be forced to just survive, till we take control, because racism has no place in society as it wrecks lives and distorts harmony.

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