Why The Black Lives Matter Movement Matters to Me ( BLAM UK Essay Competition) By Sarah Fowler Aged-13

The Black Lives Matter movement. What is it? How is it interpreted? How is it important? How does it relate to problems like police brutality? And how does it affect the lives of black people, young and old? In this essay, we will address these questions and the importance of the movement to me.

The BLM movement was founded on the 13th July 2013, by Alicia Garza; Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi. The movement was made to promote anti-racism and advocacy, it is often interpreted in the incorrect way by people who do not recognise how Black people are often victims of demonisation as well as criminalisation. This often results in people making ignorant comments that make it clear that the purpose of the movement was taken out of context: ‘ ALL LIVES MATTER ‘ they incessantly yell; ‘ Why is it always about race? Can’t you just get over it??’ they say way too passive-aggressively not knowing the true meaning of what we’re fighting for. We are fighting for the lives that were taken for reasons that only remain superficial, we are fighting for the next generation of people who go looked just like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Stephon Clark, Michelle Cusseaux and the others that have died. They were killed for reasons that will only remain skin deep, and this time, it will not be in vain or go unnoticed.

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After their deaths gained publicity by the ‘Black lives matter’ movement, they were angered that no action was being taken except from being fired. ‘No justice, No peace!’ they scream as they walk the streets begging for justice. Protests started not only in America but all over the world. These protests started peacefully, and even so the police sprayed them with tear gas and rubber bullets, and even some cases real bullets. ‘Blue lives matter’ they say. ‘NO, All lives matter!’ they cry. These phrases are derived from Black lives matter and using them implies you are attempting to degrade black people for our efforts to ask for justice as well as to contrive the meaning of the BLM movement to these other ‘movements’. Blue lives matter was made for cops who are killed in the job they chose to work for, knowing the risks, knowing the time it would eat up, they CHOSE to be an officer. A black person cannot take off their skin like an officer takes their uniform after duty. All lives matter was made to say ‘All races matter, not just black people!’ not knowing that the black race is like a burning house asking to be taken care of while other people are asking for there to be dealt with when their houses have no complications.

I personally have had multiple experiences that relates to me being criminalised due to the way I look. On multiple occasions, I’ve been stopped for no apparent reason to be searched when my friends that have a lighter complexion watch in despondency knowing the reason the specifically picked me. I know multiple family members that have been falsely accused of the most serious things with no evidence what so ever. They claim we’re ‘violent’ and ‘ghetto’, they claim that we steal and we sell drugs. Automatically stereotyping a group of people for no good reason at all, then why wonder why we have been screaming, been begging for the justice of what those that believe that they’re superior to us all when we were all created equal.

The importance of the Black Lives Matter is further than how I look, deeper than what I’ve seen and heard, It’s what I believe should be naturally supported so everyone can live in co-existence.

  • Sarah Fowler
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