BLAM UK Not-for-profit launches The Black Rights Project (TBRP) – Press Release

BLAM UK CIC Press Release, Not-for-profit launches The Black Rights Project (TBRP)

BLAM UK is proud to announce the launch of our new international human rights project called The Black Rights Project (TBRP).

BLAM UK is a civil society organisation that works with the United Nations Office for the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) to help defend the rights of people in the UK. We act as intervenors between the OHCHR and persons whose human rights have been breached.

We are able to support the Black-British Community as a whole and Black individuals in drafting direct complaints to UN Human Rights council and Office on issues to do with human rights violations in the UK in the areas of policing, education, health care, mental health, cultural rights, children rights, women rights, intersectional rights and discrimination.

We provide intervention and support via the use of UN instruments and mechanisms to help ensure your human rights are being upheld and protected. It is a basic human right for Black people to enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with international standards, in conditions of equality and without any discrimination.

Human right abuses and injustices are often committed by the Duty Bearers like the government, agents of the government (like the police or the council) and private organisations; alerting the United Nations to these violations will trigger an urgent special procedure process that can help to remedy the given injustice.

The Guardian reported that a study of official data shows that young Black males in London are 19 times more likely to be stopped and searched than the general population. To carry out a stop a police officer needs to have reasonable suspicion of an offence, with 95% of reasons given being drugs, weapons or stolen goods. The study also found that young black males were 28 times more likely to be stopped on suspicion of carrying weapons than the general population. Furthermore, Black men aged between 18 and 24 are four times as likely to be stopped and searched as white men of the same age. 

At BLAM UK we are helping to fight the stereotyping and racial profiling with our Stop and Search Accountability Project and our The Black Rights Project as several international human rights mechanisms have explicitly highlighted racial profiling as a violation of international human rights law.

Black people are over-represented at every stage of the Criminal Justice System (CJS) as these statistics testify:

 • In 2018/2019 Black people were 9.5 times more likely than White people to be stopped and searched by police in England and Wales;

• In 2018/2019 Black people in England and Wales were more than five times as likely to have force used against them by police as White people and were subject to the use of Tasers at almost eight times the rate of White people;

Please fill out the form here if you need support in relation to an international human rights issue.

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