The mental health impact of the policing of Black British English

By Christina Idowu Black British English (BBE) is a distinct language that directly connects us to our ancestors, who created and used their own language as a form of cultural resistance. Using elements of African and Caribbean languages, such as Pidgin and Patois, and Black-British vernacular to those who speak it and those who feelContinue reading “The mental health impact of the policing of Black British English”

Connecting Black Atlantic Languages

By Ife Thompson Unpacking the interconnectedness of Black Atlantic languages whilst disrupting linguistic supremacy through a decolonial lens. As words like Lit, Snitch, Tings, Gwarn, Gyal, Dem, Dey, Nyash and Bae have become words used by Black British English speakers and have effectively been creolised into Black British English. It is important we better understandContinue reading “Connecting Black Atlantic Languages”